Pre-Professional Programme

Ballet Cymru’s Pre-Professional Programme is for talented, aspiring and highly motivated young dancers with bold ambitions and is designed to facilitate the transition from full time training into professional company life in a focused, nurturing environment. This unique and brand new course aims to develop creative and accomplished ballet dance artists ready for the professional industry. Students will gain insight into the full spectrum of a ballet company. This full-time, intensive course offers a unique combination of training and professional opportunities, paving the way for participants to refine their technique, to develop artistic qualities and is a springboard into life as a professional dancer. This programme provides opportunities to train and perform alongside the award winning Ballet Cymru company, the exceptional chance to develop choreographic skills with performance opportunities, networking opportunities, as well as workshops in aerial techniques, light/costume design, marketing and writing grant applications to create comprehensive industry professionals. The participants will also have the opportunity to receive training for Ballet Cymru’s inclusive educational and outreach programme.

Programme overview

Ballet Cymru’s Pre Professional Programme is a highly practical course for those who are hoping to pursue a career as a professional dancer or choreographer. The programme provides a rigorous combination of training in classical ballet technique, repertoire, Contemporary, Pilates, Choroegraphy, workshops in aerial techniques, light/costume design and marketing. The Programme is a fully comprehensive training programme, designed to facilitate the transition between full-time training and becoming an industry professional.

Programme Structure

This full time, intensive Programme is designed to nurture and challenge advanced skills and understanding in classical ballet and contemporary techniques as well as the related skills and knowledge essential to becoming a professional dancer. Students work alongside the professional dancers when they are in residence and will have their own schedule when the company is on tour. The Pre-Professional Programme participants are required to complete other theoretical tasks and assignments independently in their own time.

Programme Components include:

1. Classical Ballet technique including Pointe work for Women

2. Contemporary Dance Technique

3. Improvisation and Composition

4. Pas de Deux

5. Ballet Cymru Company Repertoire

6. Professional practice including audition techniques (interview) and CV writing

7. Yoga, Pilates and Cardio

8. Special workshops including light/costume/print design, marketing, aerial techniques

9. Performance Opportunities with the company

10. Photo and video shoot

11. Choreographic Opportunities

12. Training for Ballet Cymru’s inclusive educational and outreach programme

Professional Experience

You will be training alongside the Company’s professional dancers and really get to know how a professional ballet Company operates.

You will also have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience by rehearsing and performing with the Company in selected venues in the UK.

Evaluation and assessment

Students will be continuously observed and assessed throughout the Programme. There will be an open dialogue with the Programme staff, who will provide verbal feedback in regard to student progress.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Pre-Professional Programme course components, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and reference from Ballet Cymru.


A dedicated mentor will support you throughout the year, helping you to settle in to the programme and be available to discuss any problems or concerns you might have. Our Company teaching staff will guide you through your training needs giving you realistic expectations and helping you with applications and auditions.


Your training will be based at Ballet Cymru’s home in Newport, South Wales which includes state of the art studios. Performances will be in selected venues in Wales including The Riverfront, in our home city.

Sample Day when the company is on tour

Times Activity

9.30-11am Ballet Class

11.30-1pm Rehearsal of current Repertoire

1-2pm Lunch

2-4pm Contemporary/ Choreography/Pas de Deux and coaching

4-5pm Pilates/Yoga/ Cardio or Workshop


Applicants must be over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit for the course. The course is suitable for vocational school leavers, postgraduate students and experienced performers (disabled or non disabled) looking to continue their professional development. Applicants must be eligible to study in the UK. Applicants must be able to commit to all weeks of the course in order to receive their Certificate.

How to apply

To apply you must submit a full CV, and a selection of recent classical ballet photos.

Send your CV and photos to Patricia Vallis

Please ensure you are eligible to study in the UK before the commencement of the course and any visas (if necessary) have been obtained.