DUETS is about addressing fundamental gaps in provision for dance opportunities in Wales. Its goal is to reach out, to engage with people and families, particularly those living in poverty and low socio-economic areas in Wales and diverse/marginalized groups, and to support people to access dance, regardless of background, finances, race, belief, ability, and gender/orientation.

Explore and Test Phase – Following a 3 year initiative in collaboration with Cardiff Based Rubicon Dance from 2012- 2015, Ballet Cymru is delighted to receive further funding from both The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Arts Council of Wales for Ballet Cymru to continue working in partnership with Rubicon Dance and take the time to ‘explore and test’ the key focus of the DUETS Programme; how children and young people can engage with and access ballet.

This phase will also take a holistic approach and look at the supporting infrastructure; to strengthen the development of creative partnerships across Wales, and work with additional partners across the country to upskill and create a network of Wales-wide skilled resources, ultimately working towards a Wales wide roll out of the DUETS Programme.

Take a look at the DUETS website duetsdancewales.com to find out more about the exciting work that’s going on!

“DUETS vision is to develop a better infrastructure for dance provision in Wales, create a better supported workforce and more consistent provision for young people to develop careers in dance.”

Susanne Burns, Evaluation Consultant

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