Ballet Cymru Associate Programme 2020 – 2021

Ballet Cymru’s Associate Programme is designed to compliment students’ existing dance training, and aims to give young, talented ballet dancers the opportunity, understanding and insight into what life as a professional dancer may entail through a closer and more regular working relationship with Ballet Cymru. Ballet Cymru is an inclusive company and welcomes applications from young dancers with disabilities and individuals with protected characteristics.

The programme runs monthly on Sundays from September to July at Ballet Cymru’s dance studios in Newport, and is available to boys and girls from the ages of 11+*. It works on 2 levels:

Mid Associates: Aged 11 – 13
Senior Associates: Aged 14 +

* Age from 31st August 2020

Ballet Cymru Associates will have the opportunity to work with the professional dancers, Artistic Directors and guest teachers of the company. Each session will consist of a ballet technique class, followed by pointe work/male coaching (where appropriate), repertoire and creative work. Pointe work is a prerequisite of the course. Over the duration of the course, Associates will learn work from Ballet Cymru’s repertoire, as well as develop choreographic skills by working with creative and explorative tasks.

Associate Dates 2020-2021

Gaining a place onto our Ballet Associate programme will be by audition at the Ballet Cymru studio, Rogerstone Newport on Sunday 13th September 2020.


18th October
15th November
13th December


17th January
21st February
21st March
18th April
16th May
20th June
18th July
31st July – performance

*Additional dates may be added around performance time and notification will be given for any changes in dates.

Cost: £210

Associates will have performance opportunities in July at the Riverfront Theatre, Newport and will get priority booking for other Ballet Cymru dance courses.

Applications need to be received no later than 15th August 2020.

To apply, please complete and return the following application form including a current ‘head and shoulders’ photograph and a ballet photograph of choice of the applicant. Do not send payment. Send to Amy Doughty / Ballet Cymru Associates

**Please include two photographs of the applicant in dancewear, one facing front in a tendu a la seconde, arms in second and a second photograph in 1st arabesque en l’air.

Download Application Form

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