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Mike Smith, Wales Online-Triple Bill

MikeSmith, Wales Online  15 May 2015 Cerys Matthews and Catrin Finch prove the perfect partners for Ballet Cymru The acclaimed musicians joined the dancers at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre  Tir from Cerys Matthews and Ballet Cymru This performance saw the dancers from Ballet Cymru reunite with Wales’ most adored performer, Cerys Matthews, and the nation’s favourite […] Read more

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian-Triple Bill

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian Tuesday 1 December 2015 3 stars Ballet Cymru Triple Bill, Lilian Baylis Studio, London Cerys Matthews joins dancers for mercurial performance The singer makes a major contribution to a show inspired by her album of Welsh folk music, part of the bold dance company’s mixed programme What a cheerleader Ballet Cymru […] Read more

Lyndsey Winship, London Evening Standard-Triple Bill

Pure warmth from a company full of emotion Ex-Catatonia frontwoman Cerys Matthews is prettily accompanied by Ballet Cymru, and the result is a lovely shared experience, says Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard Triple Bill by Ballet Cymru, Nov 30 2015 Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells London It’s not unusual to see musicians sharing the stage with dancers, but this is different. Cerys Matthews, ex-Catatonia frontwoman […] Read more