Celtic Concerto

In 2014 Ballet Cymru teamed up with award-winning composer and harpist Catrin Finch and orchestra Sinfonia Cymru to produce a new work based on Catrin’s first composition ‘Celtic Concerto’, featured on the No 1 selling album ‘Blessing’.

Cerys’s songs and Catrin’s Celtic Concerto were splendidly choreographed by Ballet Cymru’s Darius James and Amy Doughty and performed by the company in what was partly a homage to a pair of Welsh musical icons.
Nigel Jarrett, South Wales Argus (on TiR and Celtic Concerto double bill Sept 2013)

‘Truly a night to remember – my hands are stinging from clapping! Thank you all – especially whoever had the inspiration to combine Cerys, Catrin and Ballet Cymru.’
Amanda Copp, audience member


Music by Catrin Finch, Sinfonia Cymru
Choreography by Darius James, Amy Doughty
Lighting design by Chris Illingworth
Projection images Matthew Harris