Online Tutorials


Ballet Cymru want to create access for all to the art of Ballet.

Ballet Cymru offers a diverse range of activities, from workshops in schools and creative inclusive dance sessions to touch tours and audio described professional performances.

Please join in our NEW online ballet tutorials, whether absolute beginner, or more advanced dancer, we have something for you! Each video will be led by one of our professional company dancers.

We also have some clips from the creative team, and some surprises too!

Tune in at 10am each day to learn an exercise a day from our professional dancers

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In the interest of your safety, please check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime and ensure you exercise according to your capabilities and fitness levels. We love ballet and we want to ensure that you do to!

By participating in Ballet Cymru’s exercise programme, you are assuming any risk of injury that might result. Obviously, we will endeavour to keep you as safe as possible! Ballet Cymru, our instructors, and their parties cannot be liable for any injury claims or damages resulting from your interaction with this channel. We further disclaim any liability caused by intentional or unintentional negligence. So please be safe and enjoy!

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