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Our Associates Programme is thriving!

Ballet Cymru’s Associates Programme, now in it’s 6th year, is thriving. We have over 50 Associates split into Mid and Senior Associates. They meet once a month and start with a ballet class, followed by Pointe work or Male coaching. They continue with more creative sessions, a Ballet choreography as well as a Contemporary Choreography. […] Read more

Visit from the London Ballet Circle

For the last couple of years we have always looked forward to our yearly visit from the London Ballet Circle in the Autumn. Members come all the way from London to watch rehearsal and have lunch with the dancers and team. It is a delight to spend time with them as they truly love ballet. […] Read more

Ann Wall: Ballet Cymru's new apprentice

Ballet Cymru are thrilled to welcome Welsh Dancer Ann Wall as an apprentice for the Autumn Tour 2016. Ann has been a Ballet Cymru Associate and has participated in our summer courses over the last couple of years. She received the Stanley Hawkins Bursary from the London Ballet Circle to attend our Riverfront Summer Dance in 2015. She has been […] Read more